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Life is a puzzle: Where to put "Education expense" on your tax return; which house costs are deductible; which pension plan is right for you; how to set up your estate; understanding your finances… At every stage of life, Brian E. Lindberg, cpa, pc can help you put the pieces together.

Tax Time doesn't have to be a nightmare. At Brian E. Lindberg, cpa, pc, we recognize that taxes aren't just black and white; many deductions can be applied in different schedules of a return, making a potentially huge difference in your refund, and making the decision of where best to take those deductions a job for a professional. Whether it's an individual, trust or estate, Brian E. Lindberg, cpa, pc has the experience to make sure your return is done correctly.

With Brian E. Lindberg, cpa, pc you know that you are receiving the most up-to-date and effective advice possible. CPAs receive regular updates from the IRS and State Treasury Departments, as well as being required to participate in continuing education. An "insty-tax" shop may not have the most recent tax rulings, and preparing your own tax return with a "do-it-yourself" software program is only as good as your own knowledge of where that amount can best be applied. To be sure you're receiving the largest refund possible, ask us to prepare your return.

Call for a free 15 minute initial appointment, bring your last year's tax return and this year's information, and let us give you an estimate of what it will cost to update and prepare your taxes. You may be surprised at how cost effective we are in comparison to other preparers!

From the day you co-mingle your assets, to the day you divide them, Brian E. Lindberg, cpa, pc gives unbiased advice for both partners of any relationship. In many cases, we do both returns for divorced clients, allowing us to put deductions where they allow the most financial advantage for both families.

Your CPA is an important part of the team that helps keep your retirement plan heading forward. Brian E. Lindberg, cpa, pc can work directly with you, or provide information for your financial / investment planner to help ensure financial independence during your working years and through your retirement.

From determining what budget you have available, to taking full advantage of tax implications for interest and maintenance, Brian E. Lindberg, cpa, pc will help you make the most of your investment in a home or other major purchases.

Let Brian E. Lindberg, cpa, pc help you with estate planning to facilitate an orderly transfer of assets to beneficiaries, provide security for the surviving spouse, and to help reduce or eliminate the inheritance tax due on the transfer of assets. Whether we help you set up the plan, or provide financial information for your own estate planner; having an estate plan in place is essential. And if you are a small business owner as well, we can help set up a business plan that will provide for business continuity and successful transfer of ownership.

When you lose a loved one, we'll be there to help you understand how your taxes and finances have been structured, along with preparing the final returns necessary. Brian E. Lindberg, cpa, pc can provide assessments for the most judicious asset disbursements.

Let us help you make the most of employment contract buyouts, bonuses, and relocation allowances. At Brian E. Lindberg, cpa, pc we can help you craft these payments to make the most of tax deductions, reducing the impact they might make on your tax return.

Qualified retirement plans (eg. defined-contribution or defined-benefit plans, Keoghs, SEPs, IRAs, etc.) provide significant tax advantages for self-employed individuals or closely held businesses. Brian E. Lindberg, cpa, pc can assist individuals or business owners in evaluating the type of pension plan that will best serve the needs of the owner and the employees.

Brian E. Lindberg, cpa, pc works with several outstanding investment planners in the area. Schedule just a few minutes to talk with us and we can give you some recommendations for which of these firms would be an excellent choice for your type of investment style.